Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Jill Kovach (she/her/hers)

As we are rooted by the connections that we have with each other, our process together in therapy is to grow, develop, and nurture the relational strengths we have together and heal connections that have struggled over time.
Dr. Jill Kovach (she/her/hers)

Therapy is a process that builds on trust and care as we work together to process and heal from life’s challenges. As such, Jill fundamentally understands client concerns from relational psychodynamic and attachment approaches, which involve exploring how relationships, past and present, shape one’s understanding of themselves within their outside world. Jill approaches this work from an open, collaborative stance and developing a strong therapeutic relationship to meet the needs of each person and their family is my priority. For this reason, she approaches therapy using a combination of evidence-based interventions specifically aimed to address clients’ and their families’ concerns including trauma-informed interventions, exploration of relational patterns, behavioral intervention, skill-building, and parent guidance.

Jill is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist specializing in working with children, adolescents, and families. She earned her undergraduate degree in psychology at Michigan State University and her doctoral degree at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, Chicago campus. She has completed and presented on research involving topics in identity formation, parenting styles, childhood trauma, and sexual and gender minority youth and young adults. She has worked in hospitals, therapeutic elementary and middle schools, and community mental health outpatient settings.

Jill works to meet the needs of each client and family system by understanding in-depth about the presenting concerns and cultural factors that shape the family. She has specific training in utilizing culturally-sensitive and culturally aware play and art-based interventions to allow for a more comprehensive understanding and inclusion of cultural factors into the therapeutic work. While she has worked with children, adolescents, families, and adults with varying presenting concerns, she has done extensive work with clients exposed to trauma, children/adolescents in the foster care system, individuals experiencing difficulties related to substance use, depression, anxiety, anger outbursts, adjustment difficulties, emotional regulation difficulties, and behavioral concerns. She utilizes individual and family therapy and skill-building techniques for individuals across the lifespan.

Services Jill provides

*all services are telehelath only 

  • Therapy with children
  • Therapy with adolescents
  • Therapy with adults 


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773-417-6342 ext. 2004

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