Clinical Therapist

Juliet Bond, LCSW (she/her/hers)

To me, the concept of Rooted Connections recognizes that humans thrive when giving and receiving within a healthy support network. My goal as a clinician is to strengthen existing threads and nurture compassion between individuals in order to foster rooted connections.
Juliet Bond, LCSW (she/her/hers)

Juliet’s approach to therapy combines Humanistic, Psychoanalytic, Behavioral, and Cognitive theories to address each couple and individual’s challenges holistically. She also believes continued education is essential to being an effective clinician and empathetic human. She is always reading, learning, and growing. However, she currently mainly uses EFT, DBT, CBT, mindfulness, and Gottman tools and interventions. When clients meet her, they can expect a warm, and open personality. 

Juliet believes: All relationships work best when there is trust – including the therapeutic relationship. Hearing and holding another person’s pain is sacred. And most importantly, one should be kind whenever possible. It’s always possible. 

Juliet graduated from the University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana with a Master’s Degree in social work in 1996. She has a long history of serving individuals and the community in multiple systems. Immediately after graduating, she began working in foster care and adoption; ultimately walking away from a broken system whose goals are admirable but practices are faulty. In 2000, she passed the licensing requirements to achieve her LCSW, and in 2005, she founded her own non-profit feeding, housing, and providing school supplies and furniture to families across her community. This resulted in awards from Northwestern University, The Evanston Community Foundation, the city of Evanston, the University of Illinois, and a Daily Points of Light award. In Juliet also fought and won a battle to unravel a history of sexist dress code practices in her local schools. This story is featured in the documentary, Nevertheless. She has also written and co-authored a series of children’s books and plays. Her written work focuses on multi-racial main characters who face challenges around adoption, foster care, bullying, and belonging. As a daughter, a friend, a wife of 25 years, and a co-parent of biological and foster children, she believes understanding the value of interdependence can be the key to a joyful life.

Services Juliet provides: 

*all services are telehealth only 

  • Therapy with teenagers
  • Family therapy 
  • Couples therapy 
  • Therapy with adults, with a particular dedication to  relationship work


Juliet’s Contact Information:

773-417-6342 ext. 2014


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