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Life is full of help, hope, and healing, although it can be hard to feel that at times. Whether you just need extra support and guidance, or are feeling at the end of your rope with how to support yourself or your children, we are here to help, especially after an overwhelming and life changing trauma. You are not too much for us. We are a team of mental health professionals dedicated to providing care to those clients who need it the most. It is not always easy to ask for help, but you have taken the first step and we’re glad you’re here.

How We Help

Treatment for Child Trauma

Caring and Expertise

When children experience traumatic events, it has the potential to disrupt development going forward, as they move forward in the “post -trauma” world.  Trauma focused treatment grounded in theory, research, and experience can allow us to return to pre-trauma functioning, or even to a place of growth. We treat children and adults who have experienced trauma, through a variety of approaches.

Trauma Care

Anti-Racism and Anti-Oppression Statement

Our commitment to Anti-Racism and Anti-Oppression

Please click below to read more about our commitment to Anti-Racism and Anti-Oppression.

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Welcome to Rooted Connections Counseling
We are here to help, especially after an overwhelming and life changing trauma.
Treatment for Child Trauma
We provide experience and expertise, in a warm and caring relationship.
Anti-Racism and Anti-Opression Statement
We aim to be an anti-racist and anti-oppressive practice.
More About Us

Who We Are

Thank you for your interest in our practice! We are a group of clinicians dedicated to helping clients throughout the lifespan heal from past traumas, deal with every day challenges and transitions, and find greater enjoyment in life. Dr. Michelle Cutler started the practice on Chicago’s north side in 2007. Over time, the practice has grown into a larger group of professionals with a variety of interests, passions, and skills. We enjoy working together as a team, and consider it a privilege to be a part of our clients’ path to growth.

Help Healing Hope

We provide a variety of interventions for multiple emotional and behavioral challenges.  Many of our therapists work with different types of clients using an array of approaches, but all of us have expertise and passion for working with children and families who have experienced trauma.

About Us Our Team

Getting Started

Frequently Asked Questions

We hope this site is helpful to you in understanding who we are, and how to get help. You may want to spend a lot of time getting to know us, or you may be ready to move forward once you have a few basic questions answered. Click below to find answers to some of the most commonly asked questions.

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Our Services

Building Connections

At Rooted Connections, we provide psychological services throughout the lifespan. These services include a variety of types of therapy for children and adults, psychological assessment, and partnerships with the community.

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Therapy for Children

While we provide a variety of approaches modalities and types of treatment, all child therapy services include the active involvement of caregivers.

Therapy for Adults

While all of our clinicians work with children, many also work with adults. This work includes individual therapy,  parent training, and couples therapy

Psychological Assessment

Our licensed clinical psychologists provide Psychological Assessments for adults, and children as young as 3 years old. Assessments may be used to help screen for and diagnose issues such as Learning Disabilities, ADHD, Giftedness, Intellectual Disabilities, Autism Spectrum Disorder, and other concerns such as Depression and Anxiety.

Community Partnerships

We believe that healing works best when it is collaborative, and with a systemic focus. This means that we will treat your child as a community member, and work with the systems of which they are a part. It also means that we can do our best work when we are connected to the community: through learning from others, providing services, consultation, and training.

How to get Started

Reaching out is the first step! We can be reached via email on this site, or you are welcome to call our intake line (our main number, extension 1) and leave a voicemail.  You will receive a reply back within 48 hours or the next business day,  to schedule a screening call with an intake therapist. This intake screening process helps us to work with you to match you with the best therapist to fit your needs.