Rooted Connections in the Media

TV appearances:

September 8, 2022 (Fox32 Chicago)

Implications of the “BeReal” app for teenagers


May 9, 2022 (Fox32 Chicago)

“Young people using social media to self diagnose mental health issues”


May 31, 2021 (Fox32 Chicago)

“Kids and Social Media”

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October 8, 2021 (Fox32 Chicago)

“Teen violence”


October 27, 2021 (Fox32 Chicago)

“Topic of child vaccinations proves divisive for some households”


July 29, 2020 (Fox32 Chicago)

“Covid 19 causing baseball players to act out”


May 31, 202 (Fox32 Chicago)

“Talking to your kids about civil unrest”

Talking to your kids about civil unrest (


March 11, 2020  (Fox32 Chicago)

In-studio appearance regarding the early stages of Covid-19


March 6 2019 (Fox 32 Chicago)

How to talk to children about social media hoaxes


Podcast appearances:

May 25, 2002 Illinois Public Radio – The 21st show

Coping with another school massacre


March 22, 2022 Illinois Public Radio – The 21st show

Is it possible we’ll forget about covid?



Helping kids cope with crippling loss – Social Justice News Nexus (


Teaching children self-compassion by modeling it ourselves – The Washington Post


Experts Weigh In On Advice For Ending Kids’ Nagging – Simplemost

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