Licensed Clinical Psychologist, School Psychologist

Dr. Leah Marks (she/her/hers)

Rooted Connections means that we all have so many qualities beneath the surface that are interconnected and make us who we are. It is my job to help families better understand these connections in their own children, to allow them to flourish and grow.
Dr. Leah Marks (she/her/hers)

As a therapist and evaluator Leah takes an ecological approach, that means she considers all the systems at play in a child or adolescent’s life and tries to understand how they are functioning across these settings. She takes a warm, friendly and developmentally appropriate approach to assessment. When you are completing an evaluation with Leah, she wants to understand your goals, problems you are trying to understand, and provide detailed information about approaching any concerns that you may have. As a school and clinical psychologist, it is very important for her to understand how a child is doing across multiple settings, and you can expect specific recommendations for school, home and community settings when we complete our evaluation. It is important to her to use data-based decision making in my work, and to make recommendations that are evidence-based and developmentally appropriate. When working together, she meets your child or adolescent where they are at, and tries to make a comfortable testing environment where they show her all of their skills, and feel comfortable sharing what may be difficult for them.

Leah graduated with her Ph.D. in school Psychology from Illinois State University. She has worked in a range of school and clinical settings with a focus on young children, developmental and learning concerns, and ADHD. She also has specific training and experience in diagnosis and treatment of autism spectrum disorder. Some of her past experiences include working in Primary Care settings, a multidisciplinary developmental clinic, and a clinic focusing on behavioral interventions in young children. Currently, Leah is a faculty member in the School Psychology Program at Loyola University in Chicago where she serves as clinical coordinator of the program. She has specialization in the early childhood population but has broad experience working with children and adolescents from birth to age 21. She has also worked in the Early Intervention system in the state of Illinois.

Services Leah provides:

  • Psychological Assessment


Dr. Marks’s Contact Information:

773-417-6342 ext. 2015

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