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Lena Storino, LSW (she/her/hers)

Rooted Connections means a strong base, that helps us to build connections others who can support us and help us grow.
Lena Storino, LSW (she/her/hers)

Lena earned her Masters Degree in Social Service Administration from the University of Chicago. She completed her undergraduate studies (Bachelor of Arts) in both Psychology and Anthropology at Indiana University-Northwest and is currently working towards a graduate certificate in Applied Behavioral Analysis through Ball State University.

Lena works predominantly with children and adolescents and has worked with that population across the lifespan in a variety of settings and from various socioeconomic backgrounds. She has a passion for working with children on the spectrum, and has provided in-home ABA service, where she developed her ability to connect with families and help them better understand their children. She has also done work in ABA clinics. Lena has provided tutoring services to underserved students and worked with federally funded programs in her undergraduate and graduate studies that prioritized providing students with access to necessary accommodations to ensure academic success. Lena interned at Mercy Home for Boys and Girls, a voluntary youth residential facility, where she provided classes on life skills and provided therapeutic tutoring. She has interned and worked full time at Advocate Children’s Hospital, as an individual clinical therapist serving low-income and trauma exposed families. In that role, Lena provided group therapy to parents of children with behavioral concerns and adolescents transitioning to adulthood.

Lena’s approach to therapy is dynamic, and is built on several schools of thought and the integration between them. A large part of her therapeutic process is rooted in attachment theory and the relationships and connections established with others. She leans heavily on strengthening and utilizing the relationships that exist within family systems, as well as harnessing the therapeutic relationship between herself and her clients as an agent for change.

She also utilizes behavioral techniques (CBT, DBT, ACT) to work towards challenging thinking patterns and assumptions. She also provides space for creativity and humor, as ways of processing stressors and building connection. Lena meets clients where they are, which can sometimes be a slow moving process and one that requires a strong sense of trust and gentleness in therapy. This often means allowing room for both parents and children to guide the direction of therapy and establish goals together. Lena has also completed training for Parent Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT).

Services Lena provides:

  • Therapy with children
    • Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT)
  • Therapy with adults
  • Parent training


Lena’s Contact Information:

773-417-6342 ext. 2010

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