Clinical Therapist

Urbi Nag, LCPC (she/her/hers)

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Urbi Nag, LCPC (she/her/hers)

Urbi believes that therapy is a journey, and the therapist is a guide and source of support for the client all through that journey. She believes every client is unique and uses Person-centered therapy approaches. She employs different combinations of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy techniques, play therapy, trauma-based interventions and behavior management strategies. Urbi uses relational therapy approaches to address chronic emotional distress and believes that positive and rewarding relationships with others can help individuals maintain emotional well-being. She compliments her therapy sessions with play and humor, which aid in building strong therapeutic relationships. In her spare time, Urbi enjoys traveling the world with her family and friends. She is a proud dog mom of a very cute and energetic rescued dog. She enjoys biking along the lake and trying out new restaurants. Urbi is fluent in both Bengali and Hindi.

Urbi completed her Master’s in Applied Psychology with a specialization in Counseling and Psychotherapy from Women’s Christian College, India. She completed her Play Therapy and Child Psychotherapy certification from The Canadian Association for Play Therapy, Toronto. Urbi has been working in the mental health field for approximately 16 years. She has worked and interned at various settings like residential programs for immigrant children, schools, clinics, rehabilitation centers, and special education schools. Urbi addresses issues related to anxiety, depression, self-esteem, body-image, divorce, separation, loss and grief. She has provided therapy to individuals who have experienced intense and complex trauma. Urbi has a thorough understanding of the impact of trauma on an individual’s life, which helps her provide supportive psychotherapy with a trauma-informed lens. She has conducted group sessions for children to help them develop socialization skills and has worked with children with autism spectrum disorder, in and out of classroom settings. She has conducted several workshops for parents on the importance of good communication skills in developing close, positive relationships with their children and exploring ways of listening and responding that may improve communication. Urbi has provided consultation to teachers in classroom settings in order to help them support their students in effective ways. She has conducted workshops for teachers regarding fostering better engagement in classrooms; identifying students with behavioral and emotional needs and how to support them in the classroom.

The name Urbi means Earth and her life reflects her desire to be connected to nature. In her work with children, adolescents, young adults, and families, she constantly strives to help her clients feel grounded and connected to their authentic selves.

Services Urbi Provides:

  • Therapy with Children (including sand tray and play therapy)


Urbi’s Contact Information:

773-417-6342 ext. 2017

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